Training at Essen, Köln and Wuppertal

From the novice to a Grand Prix horse, from the beginner to an advanced-level dressage rider – we train riders and horses with an equal degree of dedication and skill. Our pupils' successes also include participation in international championship competitions.
We work systematically and logically towards the fulfilment of important aims – also with our pupils who have no ambition to compete. For those who do wish to compete, however, we are also happy to make arrangements to assist them during participation in the competition.
Please also enquire about the interesting horses we have on offer for sale.
For riders and owners who are not interested in competing themselves, we can also present your horses for you in suitable competitions.
We have also established a reputation for ourselves as a training centre. Numerous trainees are awarded the very fine Stensbeck Plaque for Special Abilities when they conclude their training with us.